Salted Caramel Butter Bars*

Pinterest has become my latest outlet for boredom and inspiration. I love how easy it is to spot a fantastic recipe without digging through text before realizing it’s not what you’re looking for. Sometimes the photo (pin) is misleading, but for the most part I can find exactly what I’m looking for after a quick perusal of pins. Other times, I just browse through the popular pins to find something new and original. That’s how I found my latest recipe: Salted Caramel Butter Bars. Follow the link to an excellent step-by-step recipe!

Photo borrowed from
My boyfriend made sure to emphasize the butter in the name. This dessert, made for Easter, called for a 9×13 pan – your average cake pan. But the amount of flour (4 cups) and butter (1 lbs) that went into the mixture was anything but average. The recipe was easy to follow and surprisingly came out as expected, looking exactly like the pinned photo. 
I’m going to be honest. When I bake something, I’m less than excited to try it when I’m done. Something about the labor that went into it makes it somehow less appealing, and my biased review is almost always negative. While everyone else raved, I only ate half a bar out of the batch and it was met with a resounding, “Meh.” Of course those raves could have just been obligatory niceties, but I’m fairly sure my reviews are always more dismal than those of my tasters. Even when I’m positive something is delicious, I’m just too critical of my own kitchen escapades to be anything but ambiguous about it. 
So, back to the bars. They were extremely dense and buttery and could replace the hockey puck in the playoffs. There was way too much dough and not enough caramel for my taste. I could have halved the dough and been more happy with the outcome. Even those who liked it could only eat about half a bar, and my family is not short of sweet tooths. The following day, I shipped them off to work with my boyfriend and never saw them again. I was told one of his coworkers snatched up three, but I honestly can’t imagine where they all went. Door stops, perhaps?

*Transferred from my previous blog, so this post is a little dated.


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